Karen Morrison is a London based jewellery designer/maker who marries sophisticated glamour with delicate femininity. Karen first studied Fashion Design in Glasgow, her hometown, then moved to London where she worked as a Fashion Model for many years. Feeling the urge to learn more Karen later studied Jewellery Art and Design, which resulted in her working alongside designers such as Reema Pachachi and Kate Dumbleton. With experience gained, Karen pursued her passion for designing and making jewellery and embarked on creating her own collections.

Each piece is handmade in her London studio, using beautiful precious and semi-precious gemstones, rough cut diamonds, freshwater pearls and swarovski crystal pearls, blended with sterling silver, 9ct gold, oxidised silver and 22ct gold-plated silver.

Karen is inspired by the natural environment and has a life-long passion for fashion, both contemporary and vintage. She is also influenced by photography, architecture, film, music, and the Art Deco period.


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